What does the other eye do? The contralateral eye demonstrates nystagmus.


Communicating Hydrocephalus

Why is it usually communicating? Blood from the hemorrhage blocks arachnoid villi preventing the absorption of CSF.

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How do you treat nms? Treatment consists of supportive care and more intensive monitoring if needed.  Medications such as dantrolene, bromocriptine, and amantadine can be used if supportive care fails but are based on case reports not studies with high levels of evidence.



What are the symptoms of neuroleptic malignant syndrome? Symptoms of neuroleptic malignant syndrome are muscle rigidity, fever, hyperthermia, and autonomic instability.


Early Post Traumatic Seizures

What is the time frame of early post traumatic seizures? Early post traumatic seizures occur in the first 7 days.  For this reason, patients are usually treated with seizure prophylaxis during this time frame.

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Uncal Herniation

True or False:  Uncal herniation compresses the contralateral 3rd cranial nerve?   False, the ipsilateral 3rd cranial nerve is compressed in an uncal herniation.

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Goat Prognosis

How does this test influence prognosis? Good recovery is unlikely if PTA lasts >3 months.  Severe disability is unlikely when PTA lasts less than 2 months.

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When is the patient considered to be out of PTA? Once the patient has two consecutive scores greater or equal to 75 the patient is considered to be out of PTA.



When should you obtain imaging in acute moderate TBI/concussion?   Imaging should be obtained if focal neurological signs exist, impairment of consciousness greater than 30 minutes, continual vomiting, suspected skull fractures, or deterioration in state of consciousness.


MOA -amantadine

What is the mechanism of action of Amantadine and name some of the common side effects? Amantadine mechanism of action is still unclear.  Various studies have shown that it has affects on dopamine receptors and antagonist to NMDA receptors.  Side effects consist of livedo reticularis, upset stomach, and trouble sleeping.

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