What is a Galezzi injury? Galezzi injury is fracture of the radius and dislocated head of ulnar at the wrist joint.


Elbow Dislocation

What type of fracture can be associated with the above dislocation? Fractures of the coronoid process or radial head can occur with posterior elbow dislocations.

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Lateral epicondylitis

Which other muscle tendons are less likely involved? Extensor digitorum and ECU can also produce lateral epicondylitis.

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Tommy John

What ligament  is Tommy John surgery repairing? Tommy John surgery repairs the MCL ligament of the elbow, also known as the ulnar collateral ligament.

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Late Cocking

What other elbow injuries can occur during this phase? MCL sprain and hyperextension valgus overload syndrome can occur in this phase.  MCL sprains occur with continual valgus stress and can sometimes result in injury to radiocapitella joint.  Hyperextension valgus overload syndrome is an overuse injury from repetitive valgus loads.  This syndrome can cause posterior elbow impingement and lead

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