What is the name of the technique that speech therapist teach to vent dependent cervical spinal cord patients to allow them some time off of the ventilator?   The technique is known as glottic press.  The patient is taught to use their tongue to pump air into the lungs since their muscles of respiration are


chest dysfunction

In addition to scoliosis, name some other non-pulmonary conditions that affect the chest wall and breathing:   Some conditions include but are  not limited to ankylosing spondylitis, pectus excavatum, obesity, and neuromuscular diseases.

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What are some breathing exercises that can be taught to COPD patients in chest phyiscal therapy sessions?   There are many techniques that can be taught to COPD patients but the more widely used are pursed lip breathing, slow deep breathing, belly breathing, and breathing in different postures to help make breathing more effective.



Which muscles are active during expiration?   The rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and internal/external oblique muscles, and internal intercostals.  These muscles typically are only activated when forcing expiration or when work of breathing is increased such as exercise.

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