New Anticoagulation Guidelines in Spinal Cord Injury

Are you still anticoagulating your acute SCI patients for different lengths based on the results of their AIS exam? If the answer is yes, forget the weeks associated with ASIA impairment scale and be ready to make your daily practice simplified. The Paralyzed Veterans of America just released new consortium guidelines for “Prevention of Venous

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Urease splitting

Give some examples of urease splitting organisms... Examples of urease-splitting organisms are proteus, klebsiella, staphylococci, and non-hemolytic streptococcus.

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Vent Wean

What FVC and NIF/MIP value are predictive that your patient will have a better chance of weaning from the ventilator? FVC >1L or NIF <-20 are predictive that your patient is ready to vent wean.  The NIF value is sometimes considered at different values depending on the respiratory therapist, but around -20 will serve you

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Hypercalcemia treatment

Hydration is not improving the patients symptoms.  What is the next step in treatment of his hypercalcemia? Using pamidronate would be the next step to help treat hypercalcemia.  You should advise your patient that this medication likely will make them have flu like symptoms during its use.

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Nitropaste and Viagra

If the patient is taking viagra, what should you use instead of nitropaste? You should use hydralazine or captopril instead.  Nitrates and viagra both act on blood vessels increasing their diameter.  The two together could cause too much vasodilation resulting in severe hypotension.

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Gracilis and Cuneatus

What do the fasciculus gracilis and cuneatus control? Fasciculus cuneatus controls vibration and proprioception to the arms.  Fasciculus gracilis controls vibration and proprioception to the legs.

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