What do TUBS and AMBRI mean? TUBS = traumatic, unilateral, bankart, surgery.  AMBRI = atraumatic, multidirectional, bilateral, rehab, inferior capsular shift.  These two are to help remember the treatment for different causes of dislocation.

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Glenohumeral Ligaments

Of these three ligaments, which one is the main static stabilizer?   The inferior glenohumeral ligament!

Glenohumeral Ligaments2016-10-24T02:10:24+00:00

AC Injury

What is a type IV injury?   Both the AC and CC ligament are torn and the clavicle is displaced posteriorly into the trapezius, which can be viewed in an axillary x-ray.    

AC Injury2017-07-07T02:30:01+00:00
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